Okuma Coldwater CW-303D

Okuma Coldwater CW-303D

Okuma Coldwater CW-303D reviews:

Rated 4.6 out of 5
4.6 out of 5 stars (based on 18 reviews)
Excellent: 67%
Very good: 22%
Average: 11%
Poor: 0%
Terrible: 0%

Okuma Coldwater CW-303D details:

Okuma Coldwater CW-303D line counter reels are constructed upon a powerful star drag foundation including heavy-duty machine cut brass gears, dual anti-reverse systems and full Carbonite drag system with up to 7kg of maximum drag output, Okuma anti-fogging Clear View Technology. The reels are available in both right and left hand retrieve and also provide purple-pink ladies edition.

Gear Ratio: 6.2:1
Bearings: 2BB + 1RB
Weight(oz.): 20.1
Line Retrieve: 36.3″
Max Drag Pressure: 20-lbs
Monofilament line capacity diameter (in mm.): 510/15 (0.37), 420/20 (0.42), 310/25 (0.48)

With the growth of copper line and wire line fishing techniques within the Great Lakes salmon fisheries, anglers have been able to continue to catch fish even with ultra-clear water conditions. The issue has now become that landing fish at the end of many hundreds of feet of copper fishing line is not the best experience, especially with reels running standard gear ratios. Cold Water Wire Line reels add high-speed gear ratios and high-performance spool bearings to address the rigors of wire and copper fishing lines. These reels put the fun back in catching fish on wire and copper fishing lines.

Quick-Set Anti-Reverse
Engage the reel in one direction for rock-solid hook sets.

Carbon Mechanical Stabilizing System
Patented Design stabilizes the spool shaft at 3 key stress points to eliminate flex under pressure – reel is more durable, strong and smoother than the competition.

Strong, Stable, Smooth – Okuma’s Mechanical Stabilizing System is a support system that ties the spool shaft, pinion gear, pinion gear bearing, drive shaft and main gear together with a single support system. While other reels on the market offer minimal or no gear stabilization, this patented Okuma design allows all of these critical parts to stay in precise alignment. Designed specifically to hold up to the demands of braided and wire line fishing, the MSS support system stabilizes the spool shaft at 3 key stress points to eliminate flex under pressure – which directly translates into a reel that is more durable, stronger and smoother than the competition.

The Ergo Grip handle knob is an extremely comfortable oversized handle-knob design for both speed and power. This soft-touch knob has been ergonomically designed to fit in the palm of your hand and will be found on certain Okuma lever drag reels, star drag reels and some spinning reel models.

– Designed with high speed gear ratios for increased line pickup
– 303/453DS models are high speed line counter reels
– 553LS is a large diameter high speed levelwind reel (no counter)
– Oversized brass XL gearing system
– Multi-disc Carbonite drag washers for maximum efficiency
– 2HPB + 1RB corrosion resistant stainless steel bearings
– Dual anti-reverse system for maximum strength and reliability
– Quick-Set stainless steel anti-reverse roller bearing
– Machined aluminum, anodized spool
– Speed Lock pinion gear system for instant engagement
– Ergo grip handle knob for increased comfort
– Wide Mouth levelwind: Increased knots clearance
– Silent retrieve system for increased smoothness
– MSS: Mechanical Stabilizing System for precise alignment
– XL gearing: Drop down gear box for maximum gear sizing
– Self-lubricating gear system for maximum heat dissipation

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Okuma Coldwater and Convector High Speed Wire Line Reels
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Okuma Coldwater CW-303D Reviews:

Okuma Cold water linecounter

Rated 3 out of 5

Not a bad reel for the price. Construction is decent. Rotates smoothly. Just disappointed with the amount of backlash it has.

Four Stars

Rated 4 out of 5

This is a very good reel I have 6 now only problem is with the release screw comes loose.

Very nice piece of equipment

Rated 5 out of 5

CW-303D: Very nice piece of equipment. Haven’t had a chance to take it out on the water as of yet, but preliminary test’s show accurate counting with the counter and the drag seems to be good with no issues during testing.
I have this spooled with 60 yards of 40# mono backing and 150 yards of 65# braid. This reel is nearly identical in size to the Okuma Cortez CZ12-CS which we also use (and have spooled the same way), this makes it easy for us to interchange reels on our PENN Power Stick Plus rods and maintain a consistent feel between trolling, jigging, and live baiting (reel swapping depending on presentation).

Good reels!

Rated 5 out of 5

I have had other okuma reels in the past that were simply junk but these reels got me back to okuma. I use the 203DLX model on 9 ft rods for downrigging king salmon in northern California. These reels held up well to a season in saltwater battling big salmon up 35 lbs with no issues. Some think the 203 size is on the small side for salmon but the power handle sure makes up for it. I actually liked these reels so much, I’m going to order another for bottom fishing next summer.
Happy Fishin!!!!

Okuma High Quality!

Rated 5 out of 5

The clicker is nice and loud, the drag is smooth and adjusts by clicks for fine adjustments. The handle is comfortable as well. Awesome Lake Erie trolling reel!

You can tell the quality!!

Rated 5 out of 5

From the rubber grip to the micro click drag, this reel screams quality. Smooth winding, amazingly precise drag, and extremely loud clicker (great when you have a large boat with a noisy engine!!). This is going to be the first of many Cold water reels!!

Otherwise great.

Rated 4 out of 5

My only complaint is that after you adjust the drag you have to give the handle a bump before the change takes effect. Otherwise great.

Drag No Good

Rated 3 out of 5

I bought these reels (CW 303D) for running 5 color lead core rigs on Lake Michigan for salmon. They fit 5 color very nicely with plenty of backing of 20# mono. I tried to save some money on these reels since I only make it out to Lake Michigan once a year and don’t have much use for 5 color rigs in my home lake. Mistake. All of my other salmon gear and walleye trolling gear is Shimano Tekotas a very high quality reel. My problem with the Okuma Cold Water is the drag system, but for the money what I should have expected. If you’re not picky about your gear this reel will work fine but if you like a good quality drag that is smooth and stays set this is not the reel for you.
The drag is not consistent you have to loosen the star wheel all the way or pull a bunch of line out before it will release. Not what you want when your fighting a big king salmon. I bought 4 of these reels and they all act the same so I know it is not just a bad apple scenario.To me a good drag is 90% of the reel so I will be sending these back and getting Shimano Tekota 700LC. The price you pay to try and save some money = )

Great reel for the price

Rated 4 out of 5

Using it out on the sound catching black mouth, smooth going down on the downrigger nice and smooth reeling in 6-9 pounders. Will see how it fares when the bigger fish start coming in.

Great buy

Rated 5 out of 5

Nice reel I use for trolling umbrella rigs. Used it a few times already and Very good so far. Great but for the price.

Nice Reel

Rated 4 out of 5

Awesome looking reel! Bought these reels for trolling dipsy’s in lake Erie. Reels feel solid and well made. Ratcheting star drag very smooth. Clicker on the drag sounds noisy out of the box but once the spool is filled with line it quiet’s down quite a bit. Oversized handle feels great with the dropped down gear box. The reset button on the side of line counter will help prevent accidental “resets” when letting out line. Impressed so far! Really like it!

Love this reel so far

Rated 5 out of 5

This is my second Okuma Cold Water Reel. Bought the first one last summer and fished all season without any issues. Form and function are excellent. Not fish related, but its a great looking reel too. My plan is to buy 2 more before spring, and run 4 of these this upcoming fishing season.

Great reel for the money!

Rated 5 out of 5

These are all I use on my deep sea fishing boat. The price is great and rugged design. Just add a few drops of included oil to line counter mechanism and bearings every so often. Good quality without the big price.

Super Nice Real

Rated 5 out of 5

Just returned from a 7 day trip to “Island 10” at Lady Evelyn Lake near Hailbury Ontario, was really please with the smooth action and especially the line counter feature when trolling for Walleye and Pike. Only negative is personal … a little big and heavy … should have gotten the smaller CW203D.

Good for musky trolling

Rated 5 out of 5

Solid reel and great price. They look pretty and function great. Drag clicker “indicator” is nice and loud. Have them spooled with 50lbs braid and use them for trolling musky. Reeled in a 44” the other night which was close to 30lbs, no problems.

Great trolling reel

Rated 5 out of 5

I have one season down with this reel and it worked great and had no problems at all. Nice reel to work a trolling set with and will be looking forward to adding a few more for this season. I do primarily muskie trolling with this reel.

Great stuff!!!

Rated 5 out of 5

These are all great reels, compared prices and the best you can find even on sale anywhere. I am very pleased of the quality, looks, big handle and ease of use. I have bought the 200, 300 and the big daddy all for downrigging for Stripers. Also the low profile on bass rods down rig just fine and a great fight. Can’t say enough good about these reels.

My pick for a line counter style trolling reel

Rated 5 out of 5

The Okuma Coldwater CW-303D is a serious reel! Of all the line counter reels out there, this is clearly the best. Clear view, doesn’t fog, and control location prevents accidental reset. These reels have held up fish after fish. The drag system is also unique. So many reels take extra tensile to start the drag slipping. Not these, they start slipping easily and predictably. The drag adjusts with positive clicks, making it easy to increase a click or two or back off. You want to manage big fish with lighter line, this is it.

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