Okuma Convector CV-15D

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– Lightweight corrosion resistant frame and sideplates
– Machined aluminum, gun smoke anodized spool
– Stainless steel reinforcing sideplate rings
– Mechanical line counter function measures in feet
– Multi-disc Carbonite drag system
– Ratcheting drag star for precise drag settings
– 2BB+1RB Stainless steel bearing drive system
– Quick-Set anti-reverse roller bearing
– Dual anti-reverse system. (Mechanical & roller bearing)
– Speed Lock pinion gear system
– Durable high-grade brass main and pinion gear system
– XL gearing: Drop down gear box on all models
– Self lubricating gear system, all models
– Wide Mouth levelwind: Clearance for copper line
– Spool stabilizing system for increased durability
– Ergo grip handle knobs featured on all models
– DLX represents left hand crank line counter models
– MSS: Mechanical Stabilizing System for increased durability

Description of Okuma Convector CV-15D:

Okuma Convector line counter reels feature Okuma’s patented mechanical stabilization system that maintains parts alignment over the long term. The speed LOC pinion gear system allows positive engaging at extreme high speed.

Speed LOC Pinion Gear System
Allow positive engaging at extreme high speed.

Quick-Set Anti-Reverse
Engage the reel in one direction for rock-solid hook sets.

Carbon Mechanical Stabilizing System
Patented esign stabilizes the spool shaft at 3 key stress points to eliminate flex under pressure – reel is more durable, strong and smoother than the competition.

Strike Zone Line counter System
Incorporate a mechanical counter that precisely measures line based on spool revolutions. The counters measure in feet.

Okuma Convector CV-15D Reviews:

5 reviews for Okuma Convector CV-15D

  1. Webmaster

    I bought this reel last summer, since then I took seven deep sea fishing trips in southern Calformia. I caught numerous fishes with this reel, including the bottom Rock fishes which are 200-250 feet depth and white seabass. The Star drag works well and precise, the reel is light weight and line capacity 25 lb/ 420 yds which is perfect for my fishing, the negative thing to me is gear ratio is slow, it took some time to reel up from ocean bottom when I have a 16 oz sinker. Over all I enjoy this Okuma CV30DLX reel, besides there is not many left hand retrive reels available, the linecounter is a good tool to have.

  2. Webmaster

    Took this to Massachusetts, performed great, the clicker in the real is kind of loud but it held up fine with two days of fishing, porgy and sea bass. Must have caught 90 dish not including the babies I through back. Would buy anothe Okuma product.

  3. Webmaster

    The modulation of the star drag leaves something to be desired, but the saving grace is that it does “click” when adjusting. You can trust the clicks, even though it doesn’t “feel” like you’re adjusting the drag force. And once set, it’s a nice drag system at this price point. Also – it’s holding up fine under kayak saltwater fishing, which is pretty tough on reels.

    It is a solid real. Given the price point, it is well constructed and the line counter is accurate. However, on my particular sample, it has one rather significant flaw. The drag is really hard to modulate. It spins freely, then all of a sudden in one quarter spin, it’s almost at full force. Otherwise, I love everything else about the reel. It makes making Drag adjustments in real-time a real chore and a guessing game.

  4. Webmaster

    I love this thing. Ordered it but never received it(said delivered on tracking)(live in a not so great apartment). Amazon was prompt with the refund of money as I needed one right away and before they could get another to me. I picked one up at a local store for $10 more.

    I got this for my girlfriend so that when we go out on charters in the ocean, she will know how deep she is. Helped her with trolling and not tangling up with me or the person on the other side of her. Also when were mooching, and she finds her sweet spot in depth, she can go right back to it without question.

    Very nice and sturdy. have used it for almost a year now. So far it seems very durable as they tend to get beat up on an open charter boat with rowdy guys. The crank is smooth and the depth guage is extremely easy to reset. We have had no problems with the self guided line setup yet either.

  5. Webmaster

    Spool doesn’t want to engade when downrigging, slipping and grinding and stripped the pawls out in very short time.
    Maybe these should not be used for downrigging.
    I think the problem is too weak of springs on the spool pawl and the new pawls i got from Okuma were a different material, so hopefully they will work. I have 5 or 6 of these reels 30’s and 45’s and none of them have worked perfect. I used the old magna reels with no problems.
    I also found that the space between the spool and the reel body is too large and 15 pound mono will slip into the gap when letting line out and then you can’t get it out without breaking the line or pulling the reel apart, sucks hand bombing in 300 feet of line. I also have the same problem with the bass pro version StrataMaster with smaller braided line and 6 pound mono

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