Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 5500LC

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Abu Garcia 5500LC Line Counter reel features the Abu Garcia Carbon Matrix Drag system.

The palm-able Line Counter fishing reel features our synchronized levelwind system as well as the smooth pulling Carbon Matrix™ drag system. Each reel is constructed with three shielded stainless steel ball bearings and a corrosion resistant instant anti-reverse bearing for solid hook sets. The mechanical line counter measures feet line as it pulls out for extreme trolling and/or downrigging accuracy.

Description of Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 5500LC:

Abu-Garcia’s legendary Ambassadeur family of high-performance reels now includes this line counter reel engineered to tackle a wide range of trolling applications. The highly accurate and easy-to-read linecounter displays how much line you have out in feet. Plus a line-out alarm informs you when line is being peeled from the reel. The Carbon Matrix drag provides a wide range of settings with ultrasmooth drag performance. Also includes Abu Garcia’s six-pin centrifugal braking system. Two ball bearings and one roller bearing. Reel has a gear ratio of 5.3:1 and holds 205 yards of 12-lb. test.

These ultra-smooth and accurate Ambassadeur® Line Counter Reels from Abu Garcia® are built for trolling and tangling with the big boys. Featuring a palmable line counter that counts in feet and a line-out system to alert you when your line is being stripped, these Ambassadeur Line Counter Reels are equipped with an aluminum spool, two stainless steel ball bearing plus a corrosion resistant instant anti-reverse bearing and Abu Garcia’s Carbon Matrix drag™ system. Model 6500LC is outfitted with a power handle to maximize your cranking power.

– 2 stainless steel ball bearings + 1 roller bearing provides smooth operation
– Carbon Matrix™ drag system provides smooth, consistent drag pressure across the entire drag range
– Power handle
– Counts in feet
– Line out alarm

RETRIEVE RATE: 25.5″ | 65cm
WEIGHT: 11.30

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 5500LC Reviews:

8 reviews for Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 5500LC

  1. Webmaster

    A solid work horse of a reel!
    I have owned Abu Garcia reels for 30 years and when I heard they made a line counter I jumped at the idea. I have owned them from when they were first made and still use them. I fished 200 plus days a year in all weather conditions with almost flawless results. I just ordered 10 new ones for next season that proves I still have faith in them!! Tight lines!!

  2. Webmaster

    99% flawless reel
    Absolutely love these reels. They are bulletproof yet smooth and compact as can be. Excellent for walleye and salmon fishing. Only problem I found with the reels is the material they use to make the drive shafts. My customers tend to pull on the handle as well as the rod when pumping back on a fish instead of just pulling back on the rod. After a lot of use the brass threads seam to strip a little and the handle starts to become loose and cannot be tightened. They are used a lot in my business. I own 16 of them and I think I still have the very first one I started using when they first came out. You will not be disappointed with these reels. If you’re going to use them for both species, I suggest the larger of the 2.

  3. Webmaster

    Compact line counter love it!
    My favorite small line counter on the market. I yet to have a single problem with the reel over the past year and the counter work’s like new still. The casting is great could be better,but for a trolling reel it cast amazing and 180ft is no problem for me.

  4. Webmaster

    Most reliable linecounter
    I bought this real specifically for salmon and lake trout and it has performed admirably without malfunction! I can get my bait down to the right debth with the counter and have no question about whether it’s in the strike zone or not.

  5. Webmaster

    Left Handed = Left Out!
    I own 9 Abu Garcia round reels in multiple configurations. One TGC 5001, two pro rocket 6501, one 7001 HS, and 6 C-3’s. I love these reels and wouldn’t dare trade them out. My only complaint: Why can’t we get a left handed 5501 or 6501 Ambassadeur line counter. Please Abu, we lefties will buy them if you make them.

  6. Webmaster

    Perfect package
    This is my second purchase of Ambassador line counters, last season I put two on board loaded with 15 lb braid and on 6 ft Berkeley trolling rods. The whole set up worked perfectly as the counter allowed us to repeat the proper depths the fish were holding at on every pass.

  7. Webmaster

    User friendly
    At Eries Edge Guide Service we are a hands on guide service and everyone learns how to use the equipment we use. We use the 5500lc for our walleye fish on the Great Lakes and with a 5 minute demonstration the clients use them like they have years of experience.

  8. Webmaster

    Best line-counter reel for the money
    I purchased 8 Abu Garcia LC-5500 for walleye fishing. The reels a super smooth for letting out small lures, the line-counters are accurate and they have a good drag system. I highly recommend.

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