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Shimano Tekota’s legacy of durability continues with the new fully redesigned Shimano Tekota A from 2018. Vast improvements have been made, including Coreprotect water resist to increase corrosion resistance, an easy to replace anti-fogging lens (LC models), loud clicker and new ergonomic S-Compact body design.

The new Shimano Tekota A is a small sized SW boat fishing or and/or light trolling reel. It describes it selves best as ‘a workhorse’. The reel has a levelwind system which is easy for the angler to get the line spooled well on the spool. The reel is equipped with very strong gearing, 3 S AR-B bearings, a clicker system, Hagane Aluminum Body frame and optional a line counter. The type of drag is a star drag, which is easy to adjust during the fight of a fish. Compared to the previous model, many things are new (body, looks, handle, gear ratio, drag power improved, weight slightly reduced, etc). Boat fishing, light SW trolling.

Description of NEW 2018 – Shimano TEKOTA A:

This is the the new redesigned Shimano Tekota A, Shimano Tekota for years has been one of our staples in the trolling industry but this new reel has really brought over a lot of our saltwater technology so that it works great whether you’re trolling or you’re gonna work in saltwater environment. So it’s a Tekota-A’s big things s-compact body really tiny 20% diminished size on side plate makes it incredibly comfortable in your hand, they come in two models a 500 and 600 size with both either a line counter or without. This line counter has a new integrated into the side plate all one piece that’s got an anti-fog lens Hagane body, magani gear and really built strong with 24 pounds of drag and the best part is 6.3 to 138 inches of line per handle turn and they even made the clicker louder. So whether you’re fishing inshore stripers you’re trolling dipsy divers down riggers, I mean the possibilities for this are endless and with core protect it’s going to stop all of that corrosion that happens with saltwater,so this reel is good whether you’re in the fresh or the salt you have to check it out that’s the new Tekota-A.

Shimano come out with the new Tekota-A left-hand line counter reel and the 500 600 sizes anglers have been asking this for a long time so I’m gonna talk a little bit about this reeal. So this new 500 Tekota-A comes in a left hand model we’ve changed all kinds of features it’s way more palmable, it’s it’s the 20% reduction in the size of the reel itself it has the same line capacity that we had in the previous Tekota’s, it has a retrieve rate a six point three to one, which also 38 inches per crank so it’s a beast very heavy duty palmable, it’s got the core protect as well which is eliminates that. A big display for the line counter portion it comes in a line counter and it’s both models in a 500 and a 600 the lefty and it also comes in a right hand model and it comes without the line counter as well. So lots of options for any of your trolling fishing needs it’s great for jigging as well a lot of power the drag clickers a lot stronger than then in the past it’s really it’s subtle lot of torque to it it also has 24 pounds of drag pressure that you can go on it, still has the index drag that it actually clicks so you can tighten there loosen it by click and it’s here so even with the smaller overall size the spool capacity just exactly the same yes so if you look at the chart for it it’s the exact same line capacity just as 20% reduction in the size of the reel, so the footprints is that much smaller – that’s awesome it’s a great deal.

If you’re a troller you know the word Tekota, Tekota has been our trolling reel for years whether you’re looking for a line counter reel or non it’s been a staple in the industry. It has finally been redesigned Tekota-A is here now this little real the cool thing about it first and foremost you look at it it’s the size of the body it’s got the s compact body so super small in your hand without sacrificing spool size or depth and power, hagane body core protects so it’s got that water treatment that’s going to allow you to use it saltwater or fresh water and for gearing six point three to one thirty eight inches of line per handle turn. The reel comes in two sizes okay this is a big one here 500 and 600 but both left and right-handed which is a first we’ve never had a left-handed trolling reel so other things you look at this reel to bail on two models a line counter LC model which this one has with an anti-fog lens super easy to read and it’s one piece built into the metal side frame the other one non line counter so both these reels will handle anything you want to throw at them whether you’re looking to fish offshore, inshore, freshwater downrigger you know if you want a Dipsy diver any of that stuff you definitely have to check out the new to Tekota-A it’s available now.

Anglers in the Pacific Northwest, on the Great Lakes, and up and down the East coast have relied on the durability and trouble-free performance of Shimano Tekota star drag reels for well more than a decade. They are now being offered the newest in Shimano technology and manufacturing capabilities with the fully redesigned Tekota (TEK) 500 and 600 reels. Now more compact, more ergonomic and lighter with Shimano’s S-Compact body design (only 14.5-ounces for the TEK500), both sizes are offered in both right- and left-hand retrieve and standard and line-counter versions.

The new Tekota reels feature Shimano’s highly rigid HAGANE Body for added durability by reducing any frame distortion or flex when hooked into a big fish. For further durability, Shimano adds its CoreProtect technology to provide water resistance without creating a heavy feel when reeling. While a much-needed feature when used in saltwater situations on both coasts, Great Lakes anglers targeting salmon and steelhead will appreciate the advantage when fishing in nasty weather – especially for first of the season coho and late season big king action. Plus Shimano offers even more protection with a waterproof anti-reverse stopper.

Past Tekota reel fans will notice specific key features and enhancements to the new TEK500 and TEK600. Much asked for left-hand retrieve versions are now offered in both sizes, sure to be appreciated by anglers back trolling, pulling plugs and trolling herring in the Pacific Northwest. “We’ve heard loudly from Buoy 10 anglers over the years, and we made sure left-hand reels were part of our new Tekota design,” said Trey Epich with Shimano’s product planning staff. “The drag curve is also set-up so you can tighten down when the tide is going out, and still have a silky smooth drag to fight a fish.”

With the line-counter versions – for situations including shallow water fishing in the Northwest, and finding and returning to the productive water column in the Great Lakes, enhancements beyond left-hand models include an anti-fogging lens on the counter that’s easy to replace if/when needed.

All six reels feature durable cross carbon drags, shielded anti-rust bearings, and up to 24-pounds of max drag pressure. Each has a loud clicker that can be heard over the engine noise.

When first introduced in 2003, the Tekota reels (and the Talora rods) started a change in tackle dynamics. “Anglers realized there was a reel that could handle more than one season on the water,” Epich notes. “Even charter captains whose tackle is used on a daily basis realized the Tekota reels can take the client abuse, perform as needed and expected, and with some standard cleaning and maintenance, are ready to go at it again the next day and the next season. We think we’ll exceed their expectations again with these new Tekota reels.”

Each pulling in 38-inches of line per crank with 6.3:1 gear ratios, the TEK500, and TEK500LC reels will handle up to 240 yards of 50-pound test standard PowerPro, or 285 yards of 16-pound test mono. The TEK600 and TEK600LC hold up to 330 yards of 65-pound test standard PowerPro or 240 yards of 25-pound test mono.

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