Shimano Tekota 600LC

Shimano Tekota 600LC

Shimano Tekota 600LC reviews:

Rated 4.8 out of 5
4.8 out of 5 stars (based on 21 reviews)
Excellent: 81%
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Shimano Tekota 600LC details:

Shimano Tekota 600LC is a trollers dream fishing reel, the perfect cross over line counter reel for both freshwater and saltwater species, every species from walleye and salmon to tuna.

With line capacity, construction and advanced features, the Shimano Tekota 600LC is a great solution for anglers who troll for both fresh and saltwater species. Great Lakes anglers will appreciate the palmable line counter for salmon trolling, and saltwater enthusiasts will appreciate the durability and strength of a Shimano.

For many types of sea-angling a slower rate of retrieve is required. In these circumstances, the Shimano Tekota 600LC is ideal with its 4.2:1 gear ratio, whilst the addition of a level wind will also appeal to anglers looking for excellent line lay. All models are also available with a line counter to help target fish feeding at specific depths.

Shimano Tekota 600LC features:

  • Diecast Aluminum Frame
  • Line Counter
  • Aluminum Braced Graphite Non-Handle Side Plate
  • Aluminum Spool
  • Rod Clamp
  • A-RB (Anti-Rust Bearings)
  • Stamped Aluminum Right Sideplate
  • Super Stopper
  • Assist Stopper
  • Dartainium Drag
  • Oversized Cast Control Knob
  • Clicker
  • Septon Handle Grip
  • Oversized Clicker Button
  • Double Paddle Handle
  • Non-Disengaging Levelwind System
  • Crossbar Forward Design
  • Metal Series

POWERPRO LINE CAPACITY (#TEST/YD): 40/390,50/385,65/260
MONO LINE CAPACITY (#TEST/YD): 12/440,14/340,16/285
WEIGHT (OZ): 15.3

Line Counter
This convenient feature allows the angler to place the lure in the strike zone over and over again. The line counter tracks how much line has been cast off of the spool, and can be reset to zero by pushing a button.

These stainless steel ball bearings are specially treated to drastically increase the corrosion resistance of the bearing. These bearings will last at least 10 times longer than standard stainless steel ball bearings in high salinity environments. The secret of longterm rotation performance is to prevent any form of rust, corrosion or oxidisation of the bearings, which can cause a reduction in the reels performance over time. Shimano A-RB bearings are the answer to this and are fitted as standard on most Shimano freshwater reels and on all Shimano saltwater models.

Super Stopper
Super Stopper is a oneway roller bearing that eliminates backplay for solid hooksets. Super Stopper anti-reverse uses a one-way stainless steel roller bearing that eliminates back-play. This provides the angler with instant hook setting power.

Metal Series
The metal construction showcased in some of our finest reels now appears throughout our line of Metal Series products. Metal frames not only keep moving parts in precise alignment, they also feature the use of the latest anodizing, plating and painting techniques for beautiful and durable finishes.

Clicker System
Increases the tension on Freespool and activates a clicking alarm when a fish bites.

Level Wind System
Level wind ensures perfect distribution of line across the spool

Diecast Aluminium
Diecast aluminium is used for many types of reel and is most common on fixed spool reel bodies and rotors. It is also used for spools on P4 fixed spool reels and come baitcasting models.

Cold Forged Aluminium
Cold Forged aluminium is used for some ‘round’ reels, fly reels and is also used for many types of spool. Made from one single piece of aluminium Cold Forging produces great strength.

Dartanium Drag
This drag material provides a wider range of drag settings, along with the smoothest Shimano drag performance ever.

The HAGANE Body is produced from high-rigidity aluminium or magnesium. This creates stiffness and impact resistance, while at the same time eliminating flexing of the body. The result is a rocksolid housing and support for the moving internal gearing and greater efficiency throughout the reel.

Shimano Tekota 600LC FAQ’s:

Does line counter of Shimano Tekota 600LC counts in feet or meter?

It counts in feet.

Is the Shimano Tekota 600LC right handed?


Where is the Shimano Tekota 600LC manufactured?

On the box it say's Made in Malaysia.

What's the actual braided line capacity for Shimano Tekota 600LC?

The line capacity on the Tekota 600LC is: 40/515, 50/510, 65/350 (lb/yds PowerPro) --- Also the mono-filament capacity for the 600LC is: 16/390, 20/300, 25/240 (lb/yds Mono). That should give you a good reference to compare any specific brand of braid you decide to use so you know a good ballpark on the capacity.

Is the line counter mechanical?

Yes, it is.

What does LC mean?

Line counter.

Is the Shimano Tekota 600LC a Levelwind reel?

Yes it is a levelwind reel.

How many bearings?

3A-RIB Stainless Steel Ball Bearings +1 A-RB stainless roller bearing

Does the Shimano Tekota 600LC work well with lead-core line?


What rod would go well with shimano tek600lc reel?

I would go with either a St. croix Eyecon trolling rod in a 8' or longer.

Does the Shimano Tekota 600LC come with a clamp?

Yes, clamp is included.

Can i put wire line on the Shimano Tekota 600LC?

Yes absolutely. You should probably be able to load a full 100 yards of 45 lb lead core plus base nylon line and a leader.

Left or right handed available?

Both Left and right handed are available.

Will the Shimano Tekota 600LC handle braided line well?

I use the 600LC with braid trolling for bass with no problems so far. Set your drag right since there is very little stretch. I have a ten foot mono shock leader.

Where can I get parts for my Shimano Tekota 600LC?

I would look for a local rod/reel company in your area and see if they can get something for you. Otherwise you may be able to get replacement parts directly from Shimano.

Shimano Tekota 600LC Video:

Shimano tekota 600 review
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Shimano Tekota 600LC Reviews:

I love it!

Rated 5 out of 5

The reel is smooth and balanced and the star drag offered no surprises and handled a 29 pound king with ease. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Changed over every rod and gave away the others.

Rated 5 out of 5

I grew up using Abu Garcia products and was determined not to change. I finally had a guide explain to me that was why I was breaking off a bunch if fish. I now have 6 of these that are at least 4 years old. I use several different sizes for trolling and down lines. I have never had any issues and get almost everything in the boat.

Salmon Reel

Rated 5 out of 5

Great reel. Very smooth action with an excellent drag system. The line counter makes getting to depth easy and quick.

Great reel

Rated 5 out of 5

Used a friends last year and loved the smoothness of the reel ,not fond of the right reel but my girl friend loves it .also make me happy come out with a left hand reel .seems to be more salt water tight.

Lives up to Hype

Rated 5 out of 5

Unsure about spending the extra dollars for this reel over other brands for landlocked stripe bass. Great reel. I now own three and will only purchase Tekota for trolling and downrods in future. The anti-reverse bearing and line counters never sticking separates this reel form the rest.

I love the Drag star wheel

Rated 5 out of 5

Already caught 2 Salmon on this reel 🙂 I love the Drag star wheel….I had to utilize it fighting my salmon on 25lb test always a fun thing. The drag makes clicking sounds so gives you an idea on your stages of drag tightness. The Counter on it is spot on and easy to read. I would recommend this reel for all experience levels…easy to use.

Great price too

Rated 5 out of 5

My husband has used this reel on a paid salmon fishing trip, and decided to order two for ourselves to use. He said that the drag stays adjusted when retrieving in a fish. Great price too. In store prices are must higher. This a saltwater reel, salmon reel, and easy to clean. This is really a nice reel. I can’t wait to use mine.

Overall an excellent reel for the price

Rated 4 out of 5

The line counter is easy to reset and easy to read. Makes it easy to consistently get to the same depth when trolling. It is not going to be dead on accurate but it is consistent which is what counts. The “detached” level wind mechanism tends to stick on the cross bar so it works better than nothing but not as well as any other level wind reel I have used.
The switch from free spooling to retrieve is too quick to engage with any movement of the crank and makes it difficult to adjust the drag while trolling. I can work around this but it is still a pain at times. It is my least favorite reel but it is an excellent value at the price. My next reel was a Daiwa level wind which suits me better but it cost more as well.

It is a great reel.

Rated 5 out of 5

The Shimano Tekota Reel met all that I wanted from the It. It is a great reel.

Great reel!

Rated 4 out of 5

Great drag system and line counter have four on my boat, lost one overboard this was to replace it.

Also, My Go To Reel

Rated 5 out of 5

I really love these series of reels. They are smooth and have really smooth drags.

Alaska Saltwater Duty

Rated 4 out of 5

First a word regarding “just” four stars. The only reason I probably haven’t awarded 5 stars is that we haven’t put line on or started using the reels. My wife and I probably have close to 15 various spinning and casting reels and the two Tekota 600LC’s represent the continuing purchase of exclusively Shimano reels. We often have visitors from out of state come to fish and stay with us in AK. I’m always glad to put Shimano’s in their hands, regardless of their skill because I know it is highly unlikely that any fishing problems will be the result of their equipment. Though my brother-in-law complains it’s the equipment that keeps him from catching those Kenai reds (sockeye). Roger, bro’, technique, technique, technique. We love our Calcutta’s, Stradic’s and Symeter’s
These reels are of exceptional quality for their price. I have used several in action on guide boats fishing for salmon and bottom fish in various saltwater venues in AK. If you are considering pairing these reels with rods you already own, be aware the reel feet are robust and may not fit typical salmon rods with overall reel seat lengths of around 4 3/8″ and widths of 13/16″. These dimensions nominally take reels like Calcutta’s very well, but won’t accept the Tekota’s more robust reel foot. Through much examination I ended up needing to buy a new rod to fit these reels. My wife’s Loomis GL2 fit fine and I ended up purchasing a Lamiglas G1000, 1342T, Kenai Pro. The Pro’s seat dimension overall length is about 5 1/4″ and mid-seat width is close to 1″. The rear foot bed of the seat is right at 3/4″ wide and you will need that. The 600LC fits like butter in the larger seat dimension. The lengths of the small reel seat are often over 1/4″ too short, in that the tightening nuts won’t move farther up the seat due to abutting the rear of the front handle cork. I tried modifying a handle/ seat but soon discovered it was just going to destroy the capacity of the rod for anything else and lowered the integrity of the seat to hold the new Tekota. Don’t do it. Just get a rod that accepts this reel and enjoy the confidence of a well matched fishing tool.
I bought 600LC models rather than the 700LC after much thought about balance and capacity wih 30 lb test mono. For the nearshore (out to 10 miles) environs I want to take our 19′ runabout to, I decided I didn’t need to have 330yd capacity for 30 lb mono. Most use of our set ups will be for salmon trolling and mooching at depths of 150-200′ or much shallower. Trolling for kings and silvers rarely entails fishing deeper than 80′ at the very most (for kings). Coho are generally in shallower water. If you need heavier test line you may want to go up a notch to the 700LC. I didn’t want the extra weight and bulk of the 700’s for the rods I wanted to fish with. The 600LC will be good for halibut, rockfish and cod, etc. at these depths also.

The Best for Salmon Trolling

Rated 5 out of 5

This is the best reel on the market for trolling for salmon. The line counter makes it easy to get your gear 25 feet behind the boat. The difference between this reel and my cheaper reels is night and day, you can feel the quality of this product.

Wow! What a smooth Drag!

Rated 5 out of 5

This is the best reel I have ever used. I have two that I use for Trolling Striper in the California Delta and wow. The drag is super smooth and amazing. It holds enough Braided line for my needs and it is very well made. Best drag I have ever used.

Great quality reel

Rated 5 out of 5

Great quality reel. Use in Gulf of Mexico. The counter is not only great for the depth you are fishing but when reeling in fish knowing what depth you are getting someone ready to net the fish.

Five Stars

Rated 5 out of 5

Best trolling reel around. Can use for Salmon, but primarily use it after walleye in Michigan.

Smooth reel

Rated 5 out of 5

I really like the smoothness of the reel and the sound of the drag, and the line counter. Keep in mind that you must fill the spool in order for the line counter to be precise. I paired it with a M/H 7ft Ugly Stick and filled the spool with 20lb Trilene Big Game.

Outstanding Reel

Rated 5 out of 5

I bought this reel for salmon fishing, the counter helps me maintain a consistent distance behind my down rigger ball. It’s very nice and smooth and I like the fresh water clean out port located on the line counter.
Very good design.

Awesome reels

Rated 5 out of 5

The Best reels on the market. I have had excellent results with these. Work flawlessly. You can tell they are built well. I use them for Lake Trout and Salmon fishing.

Way Big time precision fishing tool

Rated 4 out of 5

Nice reel, Smooth drag. Nice smooth reeling action. Big lump on the side of the reel with numbers in it seems to go up and down with the amount of line coming and going. I don’t care I like the reel.

Looks, feels and works great!

Rated 5 out of 5

I’ve had many bait casters and used several with line counters. This is by far the best one that I have used. I’m currently using it with 50 Lb. braid for striper trolling. The alarm sounds fantastic when stripers hit the rig on the troll and the drag is smooth. Bringing in big fish is easy with this reel. I highly recommend this for trolling or bottom fishing when a line counter is needed.

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